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A Dream Debut

Date : March 21, 2016      

Mable Thomas who as around 14 years of computing experience gets a corporate order horn Dreamworks Animation. Take a wild guess on what the order would be? No software coding apps nor programming animations. but designing 250 bunnies for the premiere party or their new movie. We speak to this Bengalurean who seems thrilled about being associated with the ‘dream' company.

She moved into the city for her job in the IT sector and like most of them. she grew weary of her desk job. Quitting corporate world after 14 years. to follow her passion in the fashion scene. She recalls. 'I started with designing tin-suns for children and did it close to one-and-half years as a part-time job. I connected with my clients through my Facebook page StyyleFairy which gradually started garnering attention." The online bug bit her as she
says. "Spending time online helped me network and build my brand. That's how I came across the Bangalore Craft
Lovers page which was quite inspiring as I had the chance to interact with like-minded people.

Slowly she realized that she needed to dedicate more time to her passion and signed up to attend the Diploma course NIIT for Fashion and Clothing Technology. Eventually. she quit her job and new has opened up a boutique in the city speaking of which she effuses. "I wanted to make a difference and my sense of fashion was never restricted to clothes. I used to accessories my collections with either a pair of earrings or hair and. fashion was more of creating a statement than just clothes."

Getting an Order from Dreamworker was an overwhelming experience for the Bengalurean as she says, "It was a dream come true, I saw the post that they wanted bowties for the Premiere and I sent them a sample. After I sent the entire collections. I realized that it was for the Premiere party for Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Mable says that her world revolves around her family and friends and affirms she is an avid music lover